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The Acoustical Iris


This is an interactive installation designed specially for Science Center in Delft. The target of the design is to reduce noise from the hallway and staircase by using sound absorbing features of the design. In the design, the mechanism of Iris is being adopted. We make irises in different sizes and tend to hang them along side the stairs.

Sound Reflection Analysis

By analyzing the path and the density of reverberation in the staircase, we choose the gaps between stairs to add 'barriers'.




When people walk by the stair, senses will be activated by the distance between people and irises, opening and closing.

Interactive dia.jpg

Prototype #1

The first prototype we made

First Iris.JPG


Learning from the iris mechanism, we produce this design for the staircase. When senses are activated, irises will open and expose the acoustic material inside.

Iris-aperture-274026 1280.jpg


Iris stairs-4.3-lossy.gif

Detail Axonometric


Final Assembly

Photos of Protypes

Second-01.jpg S8.jpg

S6.jpg S5.jpg

S2.jpg S1.jpg

S4.jpg S3.jpg