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Hua Fan & Jorik van den Bos

Developing a multi-performative Interactive Acoustic System for the Science Center.

Problem statement

Lessen the sound in the building by sound diffusion and absorption
Encourage the visitors to be more quiet (especially children)
Give expression to the acoustics of the Science Center


The concept is composed of the following aspects:

Acoustic properties
- Sound ceiling with acoustic properties, passes down data to the LED painting

Time layers
- Short term layer (mostly interesting for children)
- Long term layer (mostly interesting for adults)

- Paint a picture of the sound over the long-term


"Whisper - Whispering makes the children curious. They want to know if something secret is going on. Whispering gets their attention much more than yelling." [1]

“If you interrupt us while we’re talking, we will not respond. Learn to pay attention.” [2]

Anechoicroom.jpg Magic forest2.png
Soundless rooms / Nature, trees, plants, animals reacting to children (Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital)
Acoustic ceilings
Record sounds based on people's height using different sensors

Elk-155487 960 720.png Ebe27384a51cd82e62f3d7ce2e532eb6.jpg
Pixelated animals walking across LED screens, living/whispering in the silence

140530 CBOX KircherDiagram.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge.jpg
Whispering ceiling, intensify sound

Dandelion1.jpg Dandelion2.jpg
Dandelion: sound installation from Roland Maurmair. The dandelion says 'pssh' to encourage visitors to come closer, and shushes when the visitors make too much sound.[3]
CSabMar8cllizx703CpSfjDCo1 500.jpg
rigid origami

First concept

First concept

Revised concept

Concept.png RetailNext Heatmap Art 03-2012.png Hallway3.png
Sound drawing.jpg
Revised concept: heatmapping acoustic ceiling, static while there is sound, waves when there is no sound First sketch impression

Material.jpg Hoberman contraption.png

Experiment #1

Single hoberman sphere, plastic surface with cotton/viscose finishing

Experiment #2

Mechanical arms for expanding and compressing the spheres without strings
Prototype 1
2017-06-09 12.45.58.jpg 2017-06-07 15.05.52.jpg Prototype 2
2017-06-09 11.09.29.jpg 2017-06-09 11.09.08.jpg

Experiment #3

More mechanical arms and materialsamples
2017-06-12 15.38.00.jpg 2017-06-12 16.40.50.jpg Materialsamples: Sheep wool on top of a polyester acoustic surface. The sheep wool is fireproofed:
it does not catch fire but turns into coal instead. The polyester surface is fire retardant. IMG 2855.JPG 2017-06-12 12.10.58.jpg

Final design

Hallway4.png 02.jpg