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Workshop Physical Computing


The goal of the physical computing workshop is to create skills in the use of microelectronics for the application of interactive architecture projects. The workshops theme closely relates to final design of the Hyperbody MSc2 - Interactive Prototypes as described in the design brief on Interactive Acoustic Systems.


Create an interactive structure or network of interactive objects that is able to augment the space in the corridor(s) of the Science Centre. The project has to integrate the use of a microcontroller (ie: Arduino) to sense, process and react to external inputs. The design should relate to locality by responding to for instance spatial qualities, weather or daily usage. This is not the final design for Interactive Acoustic Systems (!) but can be used as a study, early prototype or investigation for the final design due at the end of the semester.

Werkplaats6A.JPG Hallway2A.jpg


The first week of the workshop a series of technical workshops and lectures will be organised to create (basic) skills in microelectronics. The workshops will address the basics of the Arduino platform, software, sensors, actuators and connectivity. These workshops run parallel to the main design project of the workshop and attendance is mandatory.


The workshops will take place at the design location in the Science Centre located at Mijnbouwstraat 120 across the road from the Faculty of Architecture. 3 adjacent spaces will facilitate space for our lab for these two weeks.




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